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So, Those Resolutions…

Every year so many of us set out to start the new year fresh.  We make our list of resolutions.  I was no different than the average person this past year – see, I even posted my resolutions for anyone to see.  So, now that the year is more than half over, I thought – hey, maybe I should check in on what those were?!!  Have I even come close to keeping any of them??  And you know what – by God’s sweet grace to me, I was rather shocked…

  1. Find a new place to call my church home.  I think we can say yes, I am finally at a church that I am excited to call home.  It was not easy by any means.  It is hard to go to a new church every weekend.  Or, go to one church that you sort of liked a few times then to find – eah, still not the right fit.  I was not super excited to check out Hope at first, for reasons I cannot really pinpoint – but basically I thought only college students went there.  Plus, it was only a block away from my old church.  Thankfully, I got over myself and finally went.  After being there for about two minutes – I was like, dang – I think this might be it?!!  Guess when you know, you know?!!  And by no means is Hope perfect, but it does seem to be a great fit for me and I have been enjoying being there – it has been sweet for my soul.  I am so thankful for God’s grace to me in this process and letting me step out of my comfort zone and all that I knew as a believer and trust Him as I explored the unknown.  Funny how it’s not so scary on this side and I look back and am like, dang why did it take me so long to make the switch?!!
  2. Go to Thailand (and of course, ride an elephant while I am there) – Okay, so I have not actually gone yet, BUT my ticket is purchased!!  I am planning on being in Thailand (and maybe even sneak over to Bali for a few days!!) from October 2nd – 19th.  I am so stoked – especially since I feel like this has potential to be my last big trip all on my own 🙂 …
  3. Better respect for my body.  Let’s see – overall, yes.  Thankfully, by God’s grace to me in so many ways I can say yes – in purity, consumption of less alcohol, making healthier food choices (primarily Vegan – not right for every body, but exactly what this body needed), and protecting my time on my yoga mat.  All of those things together have made for a healthier body, but even more a healthier mind and soul.
  4. Read more, and actually finish the books I start.  Well, this I sort of blew out of the water while I was in Yoga Teacher Training because I read a book a week practically!  Since then, I have not kept up reading that much, but I have had a desire to protect my reading time.  I still have a handful of books I have started and haven’t finished – but it is only July…I have time!  It is at least trending in the correct direction!
  5. Start dating my future spouse.  Okay – not going to lie, this one is the weirdest to give an update on because let’s be honest here, I am not God – so who knows how this will all work out?!!  BUT, with that I am dating someone.  And he is pretty darn amazing.  I could get all girly and totally gush all about him, but I won’t bore you with that – just know I am very happy, thankful, and grateful.  I had no idea a man like this really existed (though, I do still need to get him on a yoga mat…) – he really does help me love Jesus more.   It still is very new in the grand scheme of things, but I am hopeful – so again, this one is trending in the right direction!

There it is – I set out 2013 with 5 resolutions and I have actually managed to keep on track.  I am not so certain that is normal, but I think the key has been walking with Jesus on all of these.  It isn’t about all this amazing work I have done because I could have never done any of this on my own.  And not all of it has been easy by any means – but I am grateful for the changes and excited for where they are taking me.

Did you make resolutions for the new year?  How are you doing on achieving them?  How do you follow up on your resolutions?



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