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Can’t We Be Happy for One Another?!!

So, I am 27.  With that, I have a lot of friends that are married.  And even more now, I have a lot of friends that are starting to have kids.  Me?  Still single.  It could be easy for me to throw myself a pity party about how all these other people are reaching life’s milestones and I am stuck in my singleness.  However, that would be an extremely sad view to have and ultimately a sinful place to stay because it would be not trusting God’s goodness to me.  Do I not believe that God is sovereign?!  If He is (which to clarify I do believe He is) – I am not missing out on life’s milestones.  God has something else for me.

I got all worked up about it this morning because it was the perfect combination of posts and comments I was seeing on social media sites.  From Facebook to Twitter to Instagram – all morning it was other people complaining about what other people post.  I read this article on The Onion and it pushed me over the edge.  I had to write something – not sure who will read it, but at least I am getting the thoughts out of my head.

People should be free to be themseleves and post what they love.  What stirs their affections for Jesus – even if that means every Instagram a woman ever posts is of her children.  She loves them.  Adores them.  They give her joy – so she is sharing the joy with you.  If you are that upset about it, don’t follow her – but before you unfollow, could you stop and ask why it makes you so annoyed?  Couldn’t you be happy with her – smile with her at what gives her joy?  Social media is a great connector, as long as it is not our only form of connecting.  It is a way to stay up to date on someone’s life.  For my followers on Instagram, you will see a lot of pictures of my cat (and if you follow some of my close friends you will see even more).  Willow (my cat) gives me so much joy – an overwhelming amount.  She has brought feelings in me that I have never expereienced – it seriosuly is a shadow of what I think it would be like to be a mom.  I do think she is adorable and thus I post pictures of her.  I went back and looked to make sure I was posting pictures of other things, too – and sure enough, I was – but I will admit she appeared a lot.

I will be the first to admit, I am guilty of getting annoyed with some people’s posts.  I do wonder why I still follow some people – but I want to be careful that my annoyance isn’t rooted to a deeper issue of jealousy or discontentment that stems out of a lack of trust in my Father.  And maybe it isn’t that for everyone – maybe it is a lack of joy or excitement for someone else – either way, it is worth stopping and asking yourself, “Why am I having this response?!  Lord, is there something deeper going on in my heart?”

Just a thought.  Has had me thinking this morning, so wanted to share it.  For those of you that posted something a long those lines this morning, if you read this – not a passive callout.  You know we shall chat about it the next time we get a chance, as we always do 🙂

Do any of you have thoughts on this?  What is your approach?

Much love,




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