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Where I Have Been…

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Well, it has been awhile – to say the least since I stopped in here to say hi or inform you where I have been.  Guess that kinda makes it hard for you to be with me…so, here I am.  Time has flown by – can you believe it is already April?!

Time has been flying because I have been working – a lot.  Though, I am not complaining because I have found that I actually really enjoy working.  Sometimes, I think I may enjoy it too much.  It is not due to loving what I do per se, but it is a place to get lost in – to escape the reality of what is really happening in life.  This, my friends, is not healthy nor okay – I don’t want to be that woman who is in a relationship with her job – but it is so easy to get suck in.  How does one fight against this temptation?

It is so easy for me to sit and justify to myself why I do this.  But at the end of the day, it comes back to it is sin that stems out of unbelief.  And this unbelief has multiple facets that is nasty.  I want to fix myself – but that is the point I think God is trying to hit me upside the head with – I CANNOT FIX MYSELF.  I need to stop being so freaking self-reliant and independent.  I need to be more patient (great – not what we would call one of my strengths).  I need Jesus.  I need to trust God.  And I need to let the Holy Spirit work.  I am thankful that I am not saved by the strength of my faith or my attempt to live the “good Christian life” – whatever that truly is, but rather I am saved by the subject of my faith – Jesus Christ. Alone.

Since I have been gone I have not only been at work.  I also went to California.  Where the saga of to more or not to move still continues.  Though, I am not going to expound on that right now – we will save that for a future post and thought.  I still have not made up my mind one way or the other, but this process is showing me a lot about myself, relation to others – and especially my relation to the Lord.  It has been hard, but good – seems to be a common theme in life (and a phrase used far too much, I want to find another way to word it, naturally…).

Do you ever find yourself being a workaholic?  How do you fight it?  What helps you?

Much love,




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