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I Have Destroyed Myself, But He Resotres Me…

Do you ever look in every direction and all you see is failure?  Or to put it bluntly – your sin.  You see you are the problem here, there, there, oh and wait – there, too.  You are left with nothing to boast in.  Nothing to say – oh look I am doing so well here!  If you do – you are not alone.  I would also want you to know – that is not a bad thing to see that, as long as you do not stay there.  If you stay in the introspection, well I guess that is your sin, too (which I know all too well).  Thankfully, we are not left there.  We are failures – in every area – but we have a far greater savior – who covers all of that – and takes us as we are – messed up broken sinners and restores us.  That is amazing.  Thomas Reade said it well…

“Everything within me bespeaks my condemnation. There is not one spark of goodness in me. As a shipwrecked mariner, I must sink beneath the waves, if help is not provided.

But oh! how wonderful is the love of God against whom I have sinned. He stretches out his arm of mercy to save me from perishing. He speaks with melting kindness: ‘You have destroyed yourself, but in me is your help.’

Placed on the Rock of Ages, on Jesus, the sure Foundation, my soul is penetrated with gratitude while I listen to the gracious voice of my Redeemer – ‘I, even I, am he that blots out your transgressions for my own sake, and will not remember your sins.’”

This is where I get lost in introspection and destroy myself a little more.  But this is also where my Heavenly Father graciously meets me and reminds me I am His and He is restoring me.

Happy weekend, friends – hope you have fun celebrating Valentine’s Day!

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How to Care for Introverts…

It is funny, but oh it is so true…

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