Today is the annual event of the release of Cities 97 Sampler.  This year marks the 22nd anniversary.  They only make a limited amount to be sold at the Target stores in the metro area.  They sell out the day they are released, and at some stores they sell out before the doors even open.  Meaning, if you do not wake up early and stand out in the cold waiting in line you will be out of luck.  That is not a risk I am willing to take, and thankfully every year I have had a friend to accompany me and stand in the brisk Minnesota morning with me.  It helps the time pass by as we talk about life, what we are learning, what we are sifting through, processing thoughts of potential future options, and music…wonderful music, specifically that which we will have in our hand once we are inside in the warmth. 

Now, this is only the second year I have actually personally gone out to get the sampler, but it is going to have to be a tradition.  It is just too good to pass up if you ask me.  What they do to make this cd is take music recorded in the Cities 97 Studio C or at the Basilica Block Party (put on by Cities every July) by artists that travel through Minneapolis.  They are amazingly talented musicians that are true artists, and that is evident by the fact when you take all the fancy producing away they still sound amazing…and in some cases, even sound better.  I love good live music, thus I love this cd every year.  It even sounds better playing nice and loud in my new car (which is still setting in that I really have a new car and it is not a rental or anything…).

Ash & B...proud owners of Sampler 22

So, that is my mid-November tradition.  Do you have fun little traditions to look forward to throughout the year?

Much love,




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2 responses to “Tradition…

  1. Paul Poteat

    Couple of things:
    1. Your car is awesome. What happened to the Subaru? Lydia is in need of a car.

    2. Are there any good songs on the sampler that I’d like?

    Now that you can get cars, music, starbucks, etc…I hope you draw my name for Christmas this year…

    • 1. I traded it in – and really it was not in good quality. It needs a lot of money put into it to get her back up to a safe driving. And thanks – I am enjoying the new car.

      2. The closing song is John Mayer, so you will probably enjoy that one. I will bring it by (gives me an excuse to see the whole fam) and let you test it out yourself…for sure at Thanksgiving, if not sooner.

      3. Since when do we draw names? Already planning for Christmas, but unsure of what exactly…always taking suggestions for you and Samm 🙂

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