We All Need a Little R & R…

Everyone needs it, but it is not always easy to come by.  Why is that?  Why is our culture so driven by busyness?  The Lord gave us rest.  It is good for us.  And we need it to survive.  I am thankful that rest is mine to take as a daughter of grace – that I can come to Him when I am burdened and heavy laden, and He will give my soul rest.  Does it take away the pain or heaviness of life?  No.  But does it remind me that I am not in control, He is and He will not leave me – or any of His other children that I cannot fix but only weep with – or forsake us?  Yes.  That has been a sweet place for me to go recently.  I am thankful that we were not meant to fight this battle alone and that I get to be there for others, but it is so easy to let others burdens start really weighing me down – and that can get draining and life sucking if I let it stop there.  I need to bring those to the cross, I need to point these others to the cross – because that is what will give them comfort – not anything in and of myself.

The Perfect Combination...

I am an introvert.  So, when I am craving some refreshment, my go to is solid alone time – whether that be laying in the dark listening to loud music or going to my favorite, Spyhouse, with my portable office (aka about 5 books, Bible, journal, iPod, computer and Vogue) and getting a cup of coffee and sitting for a few hours – I get away and just be.  I try to fight for this time at least one solid chunck a week, but it is not always easy – but totally worth fighting to guard – and I say that from learning the hard way.  I am thankful for my R & R and do not care if that makes me look like less of an American because I do not have drive that keeps me going 24/7 – it keeps me from going completely insane.

What do you do to get some quality R & R?

Much love,



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