It’s Been Too Long…

Sorry, friends!  I feel bad for neglecting you.  I have been busy with life and updating B. in the Know but failed to update here what is actually going on in my life.  The month of October flew by for me.  Probably because I was busy celebrating my birthday all month long – thanks to my wonderful friends and family for helping me stretch out the celebration and welcome in the new age of 25.  Honestly, does not feel different.  What feels different is that pretty much everything else in life has changed, so it is only fitting that my age changed, too – right?! 

I am keeping busy at work – in fact I have even gotten put on a new project where I am doing a lot more – I am the Fairview Connect Education Coordinator – sounds important, doesn’t it?!  I am quickly learning it is rather important – I do not know if they really want to be giving me this much control, but hey it is fun and challenging which makes work so much more enjoyable.  I think my perspective on work has also changed due to the help of Mr. Tim Keller as I read through and study Gospel in Life for small group.  I was seeing that I had an apathetic outlook on my job because it deals with the present and not so much the eternal, so I was failing at seeing its significance -but Keller has helped me see that I was having a very small view of work.  I am called to do this job to the glory of God – how do I know that?  God calls us to do everything to His glory and He has provided this job for me – therefore, I am right where He wants me.  So, I want to do my job well and see that it does have significance (I mean, I am in charge of making sure doctors, nurses and really the whole clinic is trained…for about 70 clinics…big task and important that they know how to do their job).

Something a little silly, but it is the simple things in life…I have a cube and I love that!  Seriously.  Though, it is looking a little bare at this point in time, so I need to spice it up a bit.  Anyone have some good ideas as to how to beautify a cube?  I would love suggestions.  It cannot be too extremem seeing as how I do share the cube with another woman, but she is open to me adding a little character to my side.  This is what it looks like thus far…

Very bare cube...

Outside of work and celebrating my birthday, October was filled with a lot of Theta activities (guess that is bound to happen with being on two Theta boards and in a Theta book club), intellectual discussions with friends, my “niece” turning two and styling her with skinnies and sparkly shoes, and a lot of reading.  It is funny how as I have gotten older that has really become one of my favorite things to do – so restful and refreshing.

Example of how many books I read at once...

Well, I better get going but please don’t forget to leave suggestions for my cube!

Much love,




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5 responses to “It’s Been Too Long…

  1. I would get some classy/stylish contact paper for the cork board.

  2. I decorate my cube with clutter. Works like a charm.

    Plants work too.

  3. Em

    You and your collages are pretty cool–maybe a mini collage and a few pictures from Paris? That way you don’t overwhelm the cubemate, but still give it your style? Or maybe a neat art calandar that changes art each month? I currently have a cornucopia on my window by my desk. Beat that!

  4. I love hanging up Bible verses and adding house plants (could be fake ones too!) and a small lamp. Makes it feel cozy and homey.

  5. I would hang up beautiful pictures of the outdoors … to remind me there is a better place waiting for me when work is done.

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