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“There is nothing, naturally speaking, that makes us lose heart quicker than decay—the decay of bodily beauty, of natural life, of friendship, of associations, all these things make a man lose heart; but Paul says when we are trusting in Jesus Christ these things do not find us discouraged, light comes through them.”


This quote was so helpful for me – becasue it is so true.  We always love things when we first see them, but as we get used to them our affection starts to fade, leaving us wanting more or longing for the next best thing.  This is our natural disposition as sinners.  We are wasting away, everything in this world is decaying – and none of it will ever fully satisfy us.  However, like Oswald mentioned above, Jesus gives us hope and in Him we find fullness of joy.  The beauty of the world should be enjoyed, but it is not meant to be an end in and of itself, it is rather meant to be a shadow that points us back to Jesus – who will not ever decay and is true beauty Himself.  And that, keeps me from loosing heart in a world that is fading away.


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Today is the annual event of the release of Cities 97 Sampler.  This year marks the 22nd anniversary.  They only make a limited amount to be sold at the Target stores in the metro area.  They sell out the day they are released, and at some stores they sell out before the doors even open.  Meaning, if you do not wake up early and stand out in the cold waiting in line you will be out of luck.  That is not a risk I am willing to take, and thankfully every year I have had a friend to accompany me and stand in the brisk Minnesota morning with me.  It helps the time pass by as we talk about life, what we are learning, what we are sifting through, processing thoughts of potential future options, and music…wonderful music, specifically that which we will have in our hand once we are inside in the warmth. 

Now, this is only the second year I have actually personally gone out to get the sampler, but it is going to have to be a tradition.  It is just too good to pass up if you ask me.  What they do to make this cd is take music recorded in the Cities 97 Studio C or at the Basilica Block Party (put on by Cities every July) by artists that travel through Minneapolis.  They are amazingly talented musicians that are true artists, and that is evident by the fact when you take all the fancy producing away they still sound amazing…and in some cases, even sound better.  I love good live music, thus I love this cd every year.  It even sounds better playing nice and loud in my new car (which is still setting in that I really have a new car and it is not a rental or anything…).

Ash & B...proud owners of Sampler 22

So, that is my mid-November tradition.  Do you have fun little traditions to look forward to throughout the year?

Much love,



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We All Need a Little R & R…

Everyone needs it, but it is not always easy to come by.  Why is that?  Why is our culture so driven by busyness?  The Lord gave us rest.  It is good for us.  And we need it to survive.  I am thankful that rest is mine to take as a daughter of grace – that I can come to Him when I am burdened and heavy laden, and He will give my soul rest.  Does it take away the pain or heaviness of life?  No.  But does it remind me that I am not in control, He is and He will not leave me – or any of His other children that I cannot fix but only weep with – or forsake us?  Yes.  That has been a sweet place for me to go recently.  I am thankful that we were not meant to fight this battle alone and that I get to be there for others, but it is so easy to let others burdens start really weighing me down – and that can get draining and life sucking if I let it stop there.  I need to bring those to the cross, I need to point these others to the cross – because that is what will give them comfort – not anything in and of myself.

The Perfect Combination...

I am an introvert.  So, when I am craving some refreshment, my go to is solid alone time – whether that be laying in the dark listening to loud music or going to my favorite, Spyhouse, with my portable office (aka about 5 books, Bible, journal, iPod, computer and Vogue) and getting a cup of coffee and sitting for a few hours – I get away and just be.  I try to fight for this time at least one solid chunck a week, but it is not always easy – but totally worth fighting to guard – and I say that from learning the hard way.  I am thankful for my R & R and do not care if that makes me look like less of an American because I do not have drive that keeps me going 24/7 – it keeps me from going completely insane.

What do you do to get some quality R & R?

Much love,


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It’s Been Too Long…

Sorry, friends!  I feel bad for neglecting you.  I have been busy with life and updating B. in the Know but failed to update here what is actually going on in my life.  The month of October flew by for me.  Probably because I was busy celebrating my birthday all month long – thanks to my wonderful friends and family for helping me stretch out the celebration and welcome in the new age of 25.  Honestly, does not feel different.  What feels different is that pretty much everything else in life has changed, so it is only fitting that my age changed, too – right?! 

I am keeping busy at work – in fact I have even gotten put on a new project where I am doing a lot more – I am the Fairview Connect Education Coordinator – sounds important, doesn’t it?!  I am quickly learning it is rather important – I do not know if they really want to be giving me this much control, but hey it is fun and challenging which makes work so much more enjoyable.  I think my perspective on work has also changed due to the help of Mr. Tim Keller as I read through and study Gospel in Life for small group.  I was seeing that I had an apathetic outlook on my job because it deals with the present and not so much the eternal, so I was failing at seeing its significance -but Keller has helped me see that I was having a very small view of work.  I am called to do this job to the glory of God – how do I know that?  God calls us to do everything to His glory and He has provided this job for me – therefore, I am right where He wants me.  So, I want to do my job well and see that it does have significance (I mean, I am in charge of making sure doctors, nurses and really the whole clinic is trained…for about 70 clinics…big task and important that they know how to do their job).

Something a little silly, but it is the simple things in life…I have a cube and I love that!  Seriously.  Though, it is looking a little bare at this point in time, so I need to spice it up a bit.  Anyone have some good ideas as to how to beautify a cube?  I would love suggestions.  It cannot be too extremem seeing as how I do share the cube with another woman, but she is open to me adding a little character to my side.  This is what it looks like thus far…

Very bare cube...

Outside of work and celebrating my birthday, October was filled with a lot of Theta activities (guess that is bound to happen with being on two Theta boards and in a Theta book club), intellectual discussions with friends, my “niece” turning two and styling her with skinnies and sparkly shoes, and a lot of reading.  It is funny how as I have gotten older that has really become one of my favorite things to do – so restful and refreshing.

Example of how many books I read at once...

Well, I better get going but please don’t forget to leave suggestions for my cube!

Much love,



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