Little Break, Please…

Do you ever feel like you would just like a little break from life?  Or maybe not even all of life, but part of it?  I know I do and I know that it is just not that simple.  Even when a “break” is given it only makes coming back that much harder.  So, where does that leave us?  In my good moments, it leaves me yearning to be with Jesus in Heaven.  And if I am honest, at my worst, it leaves me wanting to isolate myself from everything, crawl into bed and sleep for a very long time.  That is a scary place to be.  Very lonely.  It is so easy to get lost in my thoughts and introspection and start believing lies telling me to give up hope.  Thankfully, I have yet to be left there.  The Lord always meets me where I am and brings me out and restores my hope.  The hard part is it does not always look the same – there is no formula I can follow to know when it will be all better again.  Guess that is where trust comes in hand – thankful to not have to trust in myself, but rather trust in something outside of myself – Jesus Christ.

If I could just take a break this is where I would want to go (and often do go in my mind when I close my eyes and need a place that feels a little more peaceful then my current location)…

A field to frolic in with sun shining on my face...

Another field to lay in or climb the trees...

Where would you go to take a little break?


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