Working Woman…

So, I am officially a full time working woman.  I thought it would be weirder than this to transition to the corporate world after being on staff with a college ministry for 3+ years, but it really is not.  It feels right.  It feels normal.  Almost like I have been doing this forever, which is strange since I have only being coming to the office for one week.  I like it, I think.  I am getting adjusted to less sleep – sadly I have been averaging six hours a night, not sure how long I will be able to survive on that, but for now it works.  I am getting adjusted to wearing business clothes rather than my hipster clothes (I just change after work into more B clothes) – best part: wearing heels daily.  Couldn’t really do that on the campus, just not practical.  Coffee is also a huge staple in my daily routine.  So glad I am able to bring that daily stapple into this next season of my life. 

B working. Notice Venti Soy Latte...delicious!

 I am thankful to be able to listen to music and sermons while I am working.  They serve me by helping keep me awake, thinking, engaged in reality and really meditate on truth.  It is so easy to let my mind wonder to useless things, or the future (my default as little Miss Foresightful) and cause myself anxiety or to be in la-la land, neither of which are helpful and really stem out of my sinful heart – so anything that helps lead me to the cross while I work I am a fan of.  I am already seeing that I am prone to be a work-aholic, not good.  I am still learning, but one thing I know for sure is that I need to be better at rest – and I need to fight to protect my time to rest and just be with the Lord.  By no means to I have life figured out, and I certainly do not have life as a working woman figured out but I am trying to learn.  Harder than it looks, yet at the same time easier than I thought…



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  1. i read your blog for my lesson in english , thanx for the words . very helpful for the beginner like me

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