Doing Today…

Sorry it has been so long since I have posted anything.  The last couple of weeks have been crazy, which you can read some about in a previous post of Crashing Down.  On top of that I moved and have been unpacking like crazy (and purging because I have way too much stuff), fighting the plague (yesterday I was in bed all day except two hours, which is very unlike me, hence today I am up, showered, dressed and out and about, but totally not feeling 100% – that’s what DayQuil is for, right?!), and dealing with more family issues.  What have I learned?

I do today and that’s it.

I trust God – He knows what He is doing.

I hurt when I need to hurt, but I do not dwell there.

I cannot let other people (even my family) dictate how I am doing because I cannot change any of them.

I can only love them and pray for grace to do that and trust the Lord to work.

I am learning how to rejoice in all circumstances – when there are extreme hurts, it makes the joys more exciting – which is fun.  And though nothing over the top has happened to cause extreme joy, I have still been in a rather great mood and feeling rather hopeful.  God hears prayers, and that is keeping me praying and praising Him for His faithfulness to me.

I have amazing friends who love me dearly and I am very thankful to God for them.  They are my family and I would not trade them for anything.  It is crazy to think I was going to be in CA right now, and I just do not know how I would walk through any of this without them – and if that would have been what happened God’s grace would have been sufficient to do it, but I am glad I am not without them.  They remind me I am not alone – they remind me of truth when I am struggling to do it on my own.  They do not point me to themselves, but to Christ – so thankful for that.

These are just a few of the things I have learned in the last couple weeks.  I am sure there will be more thoughts to come that I am learning.  I like learning.  And I like sharing what I am learning.  So thanks for listening…now go do today and only today…


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  1. Em

    Have I mentioned that I LOVE you recently? Because I do. Crashing down sucks, but I know you’ll have the strength to get throught it. Praying for you babe!

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