The Big Move…

Well, yesterday was the big move.  Prior to that I had a good week of packing – and a lot of people were confused, and asking me, “You’re still packing?!” And my answer was always, “Yes.”  Well, yesterday when I got a handful of my guy friends to help me load a whole moving truck (which they thought I could never fill and boy did I prove them wrong), they suddenly began to understand why it took me so long to pack.  The sad part, I actually did purge a lot of stuff.  Now, as I begin the process of unpacking and organizing I am continuing to purge some more.  The reality is when you live some place for nearly four years, you are going to accumulate a lot of stuff – and you start to get furniture to fill the place up.  At least now in my new place I have a lot of the furniture I need and that which I don’t have, my roommates do!  I will post some pictures when we get a little more settled.  I am loving my little gray room already – it is the perfect color and now I am making it B.  We do not have internet yet, so I apologize for the lack of posts – once life gets in a little more order I will be back updating you on life and learning…thanks for being with me in the big move…


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