Last night I had the opportunity to go see Wicked at the Orpheum Theatre with some of my good friends.  It was so good!  I had heard some of the music before, but honestly I could not understand what all the rave was about – I mean it just did not seem like it could really be up there with RENT, Spring Awakening or Les Miserables – but I was proven wrong, and so happy to be proven wrong.  I love theater, especially musical theater, and I have my mother and sister to thank for that, and really my dad, too – as it is one thing we used to do together as a family when I was a little girl.  I have had the privilege of seeing so many shows and I really used to take that for granted, but now that I am purchasing tickets, I am much more thankful.

Besides having a great time at the show with good friends, getting dressed up, my thoughts were also engaged.  Wicked deals a lot with good and evil, which is interesting for a culture where we are coming out of the last few generations trying so hard to avoid moral standings, everything is good – but we cannot get away from the reality that everything is not good.  Wicked deals with that, along with where does evil come from – nurture versus nature.  And on top of that, it deals with issues pertaining to women that have poor relationships with their father and how that really will affect you for the rest of your life if you never take time to work through that, replace the lies with truth and forgive him – which honestly can only be done by the grace of God.  There were points where I hurt for Elphaba (played by Vicki Noon – also known as the Wicked Witch) and could even relate to the lies she was believing and how she was trying to convince her self she could overcome them – and yes, it is possible to overcome those, but not on your own.  If you want to read the lyrics to one song that I simply adore for the musicality of it, but also love because of the heaviness of the lyrics, read hear.  However, unlike reality it ends with a happy ending, sort of, which was nice that everything does not end perfectly, but I guess that is the difference between a show and reality – the show must be wrapped up and come to a close where as life just keeps going on.  These are just a few thoughts on Wicked…highly recommend it – for the theater lover or the I just want to be a little more cultured…it is an enjoyable time and will leave you with plenty to discuss after the show…

B, Leigha and Keri all dressed up ready for the show


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