A Daily Lesson…

Some things I know, but I seem to forget daily and have to relearn and relearn.  The current thing I have to remember is this world is fleeting and what I am currently walking through is not worth getting so uptight about.  It is funny, but this outrageous humidity and living in a house without AC making it hotter in the house than outside makes me so uptight and irritable.  I feel ridiculous admitting it, but it really does.  Yesterday, I was so worked up that I decided to go walk around Target simply because it was air conditioned.  Air conditioning is not the answer to my real issue.  Sure, it is a nice little band-aid that momentarily cures the problem – but it does not fix me long term.  Tonight, when I went away to get some alone time in the AC I decided to read one of my devotionals because I knew that my real issue was feeling distant from my heavenly Father.  The first sentence, “Learn to enjoy life more.”  How could I not laugh at myself?!  It was then followed by, “Relax, remembering that I am God with you.”  That is true.  That is what should give my soul rest – not a little AC for a few hours, though it is refreshing.  Even in the humidity and heat God is still with me and I am His daughter.  Yet, I seem to forget that so easily.  Thankful God is patient with me and continues to teach me.  It is a daily lesson…


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