Till Death do They Part…

Well, I made it through Wedding Weekend 2010.  It started Wednesday evening and came to a close on Sunday afternoon.  I love weddings, especially between two people who love Jesus.  On Friday, I loved getting to be watch and be a part of two of my closest friends getting married – especially because they were not making the day about them, rather they wanted people to be pointed back to Christ.  Marriage is such a beautiful picture of Christ and the Church.  It was a shadow, reminding us that Jesus has paid it all.  The only thing is in earthly marriages we will part at death, where as with Christ there is no parting once we are united with Him through His blood.

The second wedding was very pink and full of Theta goodness.  It was so fun to see all the ladies, even though I was exhausted.  I was thankful to have the weddings over and get back home on Sunday and now I have two weeks off before I head to more weddings.  Love watching these couple come together and say their vows and start their lives together…till death do they part…


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