Taking Steps Forward…

I officially have a place to live…PTL!  It is a cute apartment (bottom half of a duplex) in the Powderhorn Neighborhood.  I am so thankful to have one thing set in place.  I am so excited to start decorating – I love letting my inner interior designer come out and play!  I have been looking at some of my favorite blogs (That’s Chic; coco+kelly; Well Worn; {this is glamorous}; Destined to Design) for inspiration to inspire the new look of my room (only inserting my current things revamped a bit…that has been a fun project recently, too).  Here are a couple of the pics that I am using for inspiration…

Now, I can focus on the job search…though I am learning that this is a lot of waiting, too.  I apply and apply and now I wait for the companies to review my application and pray I get some interviews.  Places I have applied and get really excited about working for include:  MIA (Minneapolis Institute of Arts); The Ordway; Aveda Corp.; SoHo Exchange; Priscilla of Boston; Regis Corp.; PDI Ninth House and few more… Basically, I would love to work some place that is a creative environment, but I still get to be administrative.  So, praying the Lord would provide a job at one of these places allowing me to do that.  In the meantime, I will continue taking steps forward in faith, trusting the Lord to provide as He always does and continues to do…grateful to be His daughter that He deeply cares for and loves…


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