O Canada…

This past weekend I had the privilege of going to Canada with a few of my sorority sisters from college.  I love to travel, especially internationally, and here was a cheap little get away out of the States!  Ha – sure it was not very extravagant, but it was exactly what I needed.  We left Thursday afternoon and came back on Sunday – and it was days filled with sun, laying out to soak up that sun, go for a couple swims (brr…so cold), and read.  Ah it was glorious – I got to read so much and loved every moment of it!  I finished a book (Eat Pray Love…wanted to read it before the movie came out), got caught up in Vogue (the best and true fashion magazine that I love reading each month…and yes I read it cover to cover), time in the Word and meditate on truth, and start a new book (Girls in Trucks…I also joined a book club and this is our book this month)!  I was so thankful to have time to read and enjoy the nature around me.  It was also so good to get caught up with my Theta gals – I love those girls and I know I am always bound to laugh really hard when I am with them.  It was a great break from the house hunting and job searching.  But, now I am back and back hunting for both – but thankful to have a much better perspective this week than I did last week – that is the grace of God and nothing else.  O Canada, thankful the Lord used an escape to you to refresh and refuel me…


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