The Last Day…

Today is the last day I am officially on staff with campus responsibilities.  Had my last staff meeting.  Last staff lunch.  And tonight will be my last social and hang-out with the ladies I have discipled.  Weird.  So surreal.  I do not want it to end.  And yet, at the same time I am excited for what the Lord has for me next.  It is bittersweet.  This has been my life the last six years.  I have cried a lot and I am sure there will be more tears to come over the next month or so as I transition to the next stage.  I think the hardest part, or rather parts, would be leaving my family – this staff team and students have become my family.  I feel like the freshman leaving for college who is excited and scared at the same time – I never really understood that feeling until now.  Now comes the time for me to really trust God and walk forward into these unknowns and rest in He knows, and He will keep me on a need to know basis – and apparently I do not need to know a lot of details right now…


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